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Will you forget to move the left/right textbook while focusing on the top/bottom direction? Will you over use the left and right brain boosts to your own demise? Or will you master the way of the brain?. By playing something familiar in a different way you give the biggest muscle in your body a satisfying workout and have fun in the process. -Bounce your brain off one of four textbooks or rely on your left or right side brain to change your direction in mid air. is a a mindbending take on the blockbreaker genre of games where you have to control a paddle (textbook) on all four sides of the screen to successfully destroy the blocks with your ball (brain). -Endless mode which challenges you to keep your brain in the air for as long as possible and beat your prior high score. Use Your Brain. -Challenging levels that WILL take you multiple attempts. Deceptively difficult gameplay.
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Use Your Brain! by  Screenshot
Use Your Brain! by  Screenshot
Use Your Brain! by  Screenshot
Use Your Brain! by  Screenshot
Use Your Brain! by  Screenshot