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Darum geht es in Under What?

It doesn’t require on-time spell casting and late game artefacts. I would call this project an interactive comic rather than a visual novel or game. But there will be some bad jokes and extraordinary characters. In this story there will be no dragons, the battle of good and evil, and other boring nonsense. I hope you will enjoy it. This visual novel is absolutely free (so if you think to sell it to someone, do not forget to share the earnings). “Under what?” is a short but very capacious story-tale about an old fisherman who suddenly faced the surface of the water. It is recommended in a relaxed atmosphere with a cup of tea. I spent much more time on development than I thought.
Dan Gartman


Under What? by  Screenshot
Under What? by  Screenshot
Under What? by  Screenshot
Under What? by  Screenshot
Under What? by  Screenshot