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all hoops in the Flight Challenge, reach your goal within the time limit and heighten your. Fly over the city to patrol the streets and. https://www.vantan-game.com/index.php?sc_vmi=VGAHPstm19080100000323. Every year it creates professionals in not only the game industry, but also anime, manga, voice acting and more. look out for crimes or troubles. The hero game that buzzed on Twitter is finally complete and available on Steam. UNDEFEATED makes that dream come true. -Boss battle. How to change language to English. “Options / Language ” in title screen. powers to become a more undefeatable hero. Whether your goal is to destroy all objects in the Destruction Challenge or soar through. Protect the city from the. Vantan Game Academy is one of Japan’s prestigious schools focusing in the gaming industry. Ever dreamed of becoming a super hero that protects the city with your super powers?. bossʼs attacks, and counter strike to defeat him. The battle with the boss is a dynamic high-speed mid-air battle. This game was planned and created by three students from Vantan Game Academy,. the Destruction Challenge and the Flight Challenge. There are two challenge quests. -Challenge quests. Use your unlimited powers to keep the city safe. “Pause / Options / Language ” in game.
Vantan Game Academy


UNDEFEATED by  Screenshot
UNDEFEATED by  Screenshot
UNDEFEATED by  Screenshot
UNDEFEATED by  Screenshot
UNDEFEATED by  Screenshot