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Possibilities waiting to be brought to life. With emergent gameplay elements combined in a world where events are intertwined, every action you make could have unforeseen repercussions. For better or worse, you are in charge in this simulation of mankind, Earth, and the universe itself. What if an action was done a different way? Was never done at all?. By placing "Sync Nodes" at various points in time, you can spread your influence for good or for evil. Time DeTour presents a unique take on the Simulation Genre. These occurrences create an infinite amount of possibilities. Different node types will let you affect events in the past and see their effects immediately as your decisions ripple through the future. For every action, they say that a different universe is created. Instead of manipulating space (building objects, etc) you manipulate time. Manage your time technology, choose the placement of your time nodes, and watch the future respond to your actions. Jump in, and take a tour of time. Will you make the world a better place? Or worse?.


Time De Tour by  Screenshot
Time De Tour by  Screenshot
Time De Tour by  Screenshot
Time De Tour by  Screenshot
Time De Tour by  Screenshot