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Create a player and progress your career from a Mexican league to the Majors and, eventually, the Hall of Fame. Test your hitting, fielding, running and throwing skills against MLB stars in several all-new mini-games. Elevating The BIGS 2 to new heights are bigger power-ups, amazing visual effects, and an all new career mode. Available on all major video game consoles, The BIGS 2 allows fans to experience heroic gameplay, legendary game modes and incredible player models. The Big Leagues just got BIGGER. Enjoy exciting single player or co-op action in Times Square or three new environments. Become A Legend Mode. [2K Sports]. Featuring exciting player animations and pick-up-and-play controls, The BIGS 2 delivers an action-packed, heroic MLB video game experience. Season Mode. As requested by fans, enjoy a new Season Mode featuring full MLB schedules, stat tracking and roster management. Bigger and better arcade baseball action, featuring Legendary Moves, Batter’s Wheelhouse & a more powerful Big Slam. Home Run Pinball. Mini-Games. New & improved story mode, picking up at the end of the "Rookie Challenge" mode from The BIGS. Improved Gameplay. Along the way, compete in boss battles against MLB legends.
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