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Shoot conventional shells. Do not let the enemy tanks knock yourself out, one hit and you are a corpse, but the universe throws up help for you in the form of boosts for your combat vehicle, including. But don’t sleep, your enemies can also take advantage of these gifts of fate. -responsive management. -Nice graphics. Use the rebound shell. The task is to hold out in the arena and defeat all enemies. -4 types of enemy tanks that have different weapons. Put mines with. rate of fire, increased movement speed, additional armor, mines and a special type of projectile, "rebound" ! ! . Features. -18 levels. TANKMAN is a top-view TDS arena shooter where the player acts as a fearless tankman. Turn the tower with the mouse. Drive your tank with keys.


TANKMAN by  Screenshot
TANKMAN by  Screenshot
TANKMAN by  Screenshot
TANKMAN by  Screenshot
TANKMAN by  Screenshot