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you’re away from your parents and on your own. and when you find a powerful source of new magic, you also discover that it comes with a high price. and ten-year-olds, responsible for taking care of them and teaching them everything you know. One year after saving Kingsport High at the junior prom, you’ve graduated, and you’re working as a counselor at a sleepaway camp before heading off to college. Why do the people in the camp’s photos look like they never age? Why is the groundskeeper always lurking on the edges of the camp? Why can’t your friends remember what happened last summer?. You’re in charge of a cabin full of nine. suspended between past and future, long days and warm nights. But you’re the only person who can save the camp – and the only one who can make the big choices about how to use the magic that you’ve discovered.All your friends from Kingsport High are just a text away. And what about the ghost stories? Generations of campers tell stories about seeing the White Lady floating through the woods.When you meet the White Lady and her companions, you discover that what’s really going on in the forest is even stranger than just ghosts. But you’re also enjoying a summer of freedom. Summer is a magical time. Camp Cedarcrest has its share of mysteries. How far are you willing to go to preserve or destroy it? And how are you ever going to figure that out while you’ve got a dozen kids looking to you for the answers to their life’s questions? Are you even ready for that? You’re still just a kid yourself. you can always look to your best friend for support, ask the editor of the school newspaper to help with research, or sneak a date with your hometown sweetheart.Sing songs around the campfire, eat s’mores, make friendships that will last forever.
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Psy High 2: High Summer by  Screenshot
Psy High 2: High Summer by  Screenshot
Psy High 2: High Summer by  Screenshot
Psy High 2: High Summer by  Screenshot
Psy High 2: High Summer by  Screenshot