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Even if you have only 5 minutes, you can launch up the game and have fun without the need for commitment. Crashing into friends with an insanely powerful car pinging them miles off is all part of the game, and something intended. Split screen support allows you to play with friends on the same screen from the comfort of your own living room, chairs are overrated anyway.With several game modes ranging from a standard race to a demolition derby, constant entertainment is guaranteed. Play it how you want, when you want and with whoever you want.Add your own taste to your vehicles with car customisation, didn’t you always think your bright pink Tiny looks even better with a spoiler? Let’s not forget the skull that you’ve kept hidden away for all those years, that’ll look brilliant on the front. Taurus is yours to make your own. Practice against AI in singleplayer, or exclusively play against them. Built with the idea of playing with a small group of friends, you can all jump in easily together, play against each other, strangers, AI or even on the same screen. Project Taurus is an arcade racing game crafted in a voxel art-style designed around a group multiplayer experience. Realism is out of the window, fun takes full view. Add your own tastes and let other people bask in your hideous/beautiful creation.Built for fun over realism, the gameplay represents both a charming and enjoyable experience.
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Project Taurus by  Screenshot
Project Taurus by  Screenshot
Project Taurus by  Screenshot
Project Taurus by  Screenshot
Project Taurus by  Screenshot