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True to the Prince of Persia. Dominate enemies on the perilous rooftops, dodge through chaotic streets, and ambush pursuers in dark, underground passageways. Instead of the peace that he longs for, he finds his homeland ravaged by war and the kingdom turned against him. Master the expanded Free-Form Fighting system to destroy enemies in your own style. franchise, the game provides a variety of action combat, agility and story-driven puzzles. all masterfully blended together into a rich gaming experience. strangle enemies from afar with the deadly Daggertail. or surprise them with full-speed one-shot kills using a brand new stealth art. Execute powerful attacks against entire armies by slowing down or rewinding time, or surprise them by using some all-new Sands of Time powers. The Prince is rapidly captured and Kaileena has no choice but to sacrifice herself and unleash the Sands of Time in order to save him. The choice is yours. The Prince of Persia, a seasoned warrior, returns from the Island of Time to Babylon with his love, Kaileena. Now cast out on the streets and hunted as a fugitive, the Prince soon discovers that past battles have given rise to a deadly Dark Prince, whose spirit gradually possesses him. Manipulate time to surprise enemies. Experience a masterful blend of gameplay. Play and master two distinct characters. Battle freely through Babylon. Experience unparalleled depth in storytelling as you fight your way through a twisting tale filled with adrenaline, tension and discovery. [Ubisoft]. Choose your way to fight. Immerse yourself in a dramatic story. Wield the powers and weapons of two master warriors with different combat styles, attitudes, and histories.
Action Adventure
Ubisoft Montreal