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Among the resources are. Although not controlling the decisions of the inhabitants you can direct the priorities and follow the day to day of a specific inhabitant. Construction of warehouse for accumulation of items, Workshop to manufacture raw materials, Buildings for plantations aiming at self-sustainability, Houses for the inhabitants and Flowers to make everything more beautiful. By managing the resources and directing the beginning of a civilization you will have the experience of controlling the destiny of a whole world, the resources are limited, the inhabitants have the autonomy to carry out the activities independent of their intervention, after all they will try to survive to the maximum in this world new. More than a game, a new way of seeing the world. Completing the "Objectives" of the game is a good way to get accustomed to the gameplay, as well as help a lot with resources.


Meu Mundo by  Screenshot
Meu Mundo by  Screenshot
Meu Mundo by  Screenshot
Meu Mundo by  Screenshot
Meu Mundo by  Screenshot