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The main character is called Murphy. His goal is to reach the exit of each level, in order to do this he must collect enough infotrons. Making it a difficult but rewarding experience.This version contains all original 111 levels and attempts to have all the features of the original game, and even more. However, in order to collect these objects you have to navigate through difficult puzzle-like levels where you have to think before you act. It was notorious for it's difficulty. Many levels require you to think thoroughly before making any move. Hyperplex 3D is a game that is based on a old dos game you may know about! It used to be a popular Amiga and MS-DOS game, that was developed in 1991. Made to be more fitting to the current generation of games. It is a modernized 3D remake, this means it plays more smoothly and it's slightly faster compared to the original game.


Hyperplex 3D by  Screenshot
Hyperplex 3D by  Screenshot
Hyperplex 3D by  Screenshot
Hyperplex 3D by  Screenshot
Hyperplex 3D by  Screenshot