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Player speed, direction and strength now determine everything from the severity of the collision to the outcome of possession. Passionate football fans new to gaming can play like a professional, controlling only the shooting and passing using a two-button control system and gradually mastering all of the controls as they become adept. Complete individual challenges to develop your player attributes and win glory for the squad. Plus, contact occurs with shoulders, arms and legs. Plus, four new skill moves -. scoop turns, rainbow flicks, heel-to-heel knocks and ball rolls – give you a total of 32 tricks in your arsenal to perform just like Ronaldinho. Tuned acceleration attributes enable swifter players to possess quicker first steps and gain advantage in sprints. now expanded to multiple seasons and featuring the unique Be A Pro camera that tracks your player, re-creating the excitement and rush of racing in on goal. In Be A Pro. [Electronic Arts]. Enjoy top football action at your own level of ability with new Smart Play controls. Seasons you choose a professional player and then develop his skills at a single outfield position. From the moment you step onto the pitch, FIFA 09 challenges you to think and react like a real football player through the popular feature innovation Be A Pro -. With new smart play controls and an assist from the AI, gamers can learn at their own pace and still play entertaining matches with more advanced players. Changes to the animation system reward the skillful gamer during one-on-one situations between attackers and defenders. Hundreds of new animation sequences and a new collision detection system with 360 degree coverage enable players to behave according to their physical attributes. Stronger players possess the strength to knock down smaller players or use their body and arms to shield the ball in challenges.
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