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And some, uh, weird things. 20 + Personalized NPCs. Players can get more stories and learn the truth of the world in the second time playing.The so-called "Hero fight against the Devil" is only a forced disguise, hidden behind the disguise is indeed conspiracy and rights?And the truth of everything will be unimaginable, so-called rights are useless, so-called conspiracy are also the so-called disguise.Contents:. With the Black Cat, players will reveal the real face of the absurd world. including 20 + 640x480 Rooms. 8 + Style Themes. You are welcome! ——————————Spoilers Warning——————————Players will control a silent, thoughtless Hero to come to town ,and kill the Devil.But, it is not the end. And a tough boss battle. Almost all NPCs are not "Repeaters" (except for an amnesia patient. 15 + puzzles (simple. It's an adventure role-playing game, you've been summoned to this world as a Hero, along the way you will encounter various puzzles and NPCs, and eventually defeat Mayor(the mayor) assimilated with the devil, save this world.If someone wanna translate this game to other language. An imaginative plot of sotry and background. 10 + BGM. Unique Battle Style (Dealing Damage to Boss after Solving Mystery. All kinds of Eastern Eggs! .


FadeZone by  Screenshot
FadeZone by  Screenshot
FadeZone by  Screenshot
FadeZone by  Screenshot
FadeZone by  Screenshot