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their baby, the other team’s baby, even other players. Hold to charge up a long throw, or tap to quickly toss the object a small distance.B button. Rotate your rat.A button (while not holding anything). get a quick speed boost with a bottle rocket, pull in objects from far away with a plunger, lay down mouse-traps to catch your opponents, block off part of the arena with Jelly molds, or knock objects out of your opponents hands with a well-aimed egg. if you are holding an object then you cannot dash. Special items periodically spawn into the kitchen that players can pick up and use to shake-up the match. When you’re out of the kitchen, the rats will dunk.DunkRatz is a team-based local multiplayer game for 2-4 players. Like most sports, DunkRatz has just one game mode and one arena. We focused on the fun and designed every mechanic around it. Not only can players pick up and throw the babies and the cheese, but they can also grab other players. Hold to charge up a dash or tap quickly for smaller steps.A button (while holding an object). Use special item. But remember. Players can even grab other players if they manage to get to their rear. DunkRatz requires a controller for each player and does not support keyboard/mouse play. Instead of stopping and restarting play after each cheese ball is scored, 2 big cheese cannons appear from the refrigerators and allow each team to strategically launch the next cheese ball onto the arena. Unique dashing and grabbing mechanics mean that teams that work together will have the most success feeding their baby. Each player takes control of a rat on a kitchen floor, with the goal of feeding a ball of cheese to their team’s giant baby rat to score a point. Dominate the game by grabbing other players by the rear and throwing them far away from the action, or grab them and hold them in place right before they dash away with the cheese. Not only can players grab the cheese and throw it towards their baby, but they can pick up ANYTHING and throw it around. Players can bump into special cabinets that periodically activate to obtain special items that can help tip the match into their favor. Choose which items can spawn into the game, and choose what score limit to play to (we recommend 10). Want to play defense? Pick up the other team’s baby and move it away from the cheese. Every action in the game has a musical sound-effect that makes for a unique funky tune every match. Pick up the cheese to throw it to your baby, or pick up your baby and throw it towards the cheese. rotate your rat with the analog stick, and hold down the dash button to charge up a dash. Running into objects with your mouth will automatically grab them, allowing you to charge up and throw the object instead of moving yourself with a dash. First team to reach the score limit wins. Online play not supported.Left stick.
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DunkRatz by  Screenshot
DunkRatz by  Screenshot
DunkRatz by  Screenshot
DunkRatz by  Screenshot
DunkRatz by  Screenshot