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The player leads the main character Hiber to explore the truth of the story that exists in the lost memory.Players can interact with the items that exist in the game, discover and use the clues in the game to solve the puzzles and open up a path to survive and seek truth.The game contains violence, bloody plots and pictures.The youth who lost all his memories, when they woke up, found themselves standing at the gate of capital.The city that was trapped in winter, yes, it was wrapped in heavy snow that could not be stopped.There is only one notebook on the body, and the intuition tells him that Hiber is his name.Then when he wants to see the specific content of the follow-up, he is taken away by someone else's diary -After escaping, Ion, a young man who claimed to be a magician, extended a "helper" to him.I want to know what is inside.I want to know what happened to me.I want to know what happened in this city.The first time he came up with this idea, Hiber started exploring with the magician Ion.. "I can't recall anything.."This is a puzzle-solving adventure game.


Artificiality-人造物- by  Screenshot
Artificiality-人造物- by  Screenshot
Artificiality-人造物- by  Screenshot
Artificiality-人造物- by  Screenshot
Artificiality-人造物- by  Screenshot