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the ‘burst’ which makes avoiding incoming attacks easier and increases the number of lock-on targets. 3D After Burner II is the 1987 flight game first released on SEGA’s X Board arcade hardware. The ’special mode,’ while maintaining the basics of the ’arcade mode,’ provides the player with a completely new gaming experience and allows the players to control time by utilizing. The highlight of 3D After Burner II is the addition of the ’special mode’ which can be unlocked once the player completes the game. Delivering a vintage arcade experience, the re-mastered version features stereoscopic 3D visuals and offers a host of options and settings, including the ability to adjust the difficulty settings and other visual enhancements, such as smoke transparency that were not present in the original version. Players are able to choose from a number of real-life arcade cabinets wherein everything from the appearance to the environmental sounds of the specific cabinet are recreated, providing an arcade experience.